Dispute Resolution

Decades of experience has lead us to our specialized dispute resolution strategies that (in many instances) achieve success faster and more economically than traditional approaches.

I am Ricky Berger.  I founded Berkent over 25 years ago when I left the world of “big firm” litigation to begin a new career on my own representing people like myself instead of top Fortune 500 companies.  I soon learned that people like us cannot afford 20 to 100 thousand dollars to litigate some dispute in court, and that many times people are denied justice when they had a case which could not be handled on a contingency basis.

Whether you have been wronged or someone else is making allegations against you, I may be able to help.  Over the course of my career I have developed strategies and tactics to try to resolve disputes quickly and equitably, and at a cost that my client can absolutely afford.  As importantly, if I am unable to resolve a case it is almost certain that my work has positioned my client to take his or her case to a trial lawyer that will be better off because of the groundwork that I have established to properly present the case in court.

My process with dispute resolution is simple.   If you think you may need my help, we schedule an “office visit” to go over your entire situation.  You email me a privileged email in which you tell me (in the greatest detail you can) everything that happened and if there are any documents you send them to me as well.  You then pay for the office visit which may last between 1 and 1.5 hours, and my rate of $300.00.  The visit may be in person of via a videoconference (as you prefer).  At this meeting I tell you my opinions of what I think is occurring and advise you how you may wish to proceed.

Many times, we decide together on a course of action, such as preparing a demand letter or response to the other side.  When and if we make that decision, we agree on a fair price and then I get to work on that plan.  It’s just that simple.  I work on a step-by-step basis with my clients to understand their needs and to help them however I can.

If you think you need my help, please click here to send me an email and we’ll get started.