Business Counsel

Every CEO needs a General Counsel to help build and protect the business.  We join your team and stay in the game, because businesses have issues everyday

When you are growing a business you need a management team that knows every aspect of your plan.  Your business deserves more attention than is afforded by some traditional model where so-called top players “drop in” from time to time to solve your emergency needs. This JIT model just doesn’t work in this context and here’s why:

JIT costs more per hour (when you are billed by the hour) and in many circumstances the team player is called in “too late” because no one with the particular needed expertise was there to spot the issue and correct the business before an error or misstep was made.

I am Ricky Berger.  I founded Berkent over 25 years ago when I left the world of “big firm” litigation to begin a new career helping startup and growing companies as their General Counsel and as a member of their management teams.  I have served as General Counsel, VP of Business Development, and CEO of companies in the areas of food manufacturing, telecommunications and aerospace components design and manufacture, nanotechnology R&D, technology development for use in the music industry, technology development for use in the pharmaceutical, clinical diagnostics, and next generation genomics industries.

I have negotiated and close to $100MM in investment and commercial deals for my clients over the course of my career.  I positively love working on business plans, developing business opportunities with my companies, and being a part of a team closing deals that are completely outstanding for all stakeholders.  My reputation is based on being a person who loves putting people together, finding common ground, resolving differences, and getting things to “Yes.”

I specialize in joining startups and pre-starts and helping them begin, launch and grow.  My rates are affordable and designed to allow me to offer a maximum value to my CEO.  I am paid a flat monthly rate and routinely give more time than I am paid for.  There are no set term contracts; there are no 6-month or 1-year commitments.  My rate increases, and I at times receive an equity position, based on my contributions to the success of the venture.  I am a team player.

If you are interested, please click here to send me an email and we’ll schedule a convenient time for us to get together in person or in a private videoconference to discuss your business and its needs.