Berkent, PC

Treating Every Client as Our Only Client

Business Counsel

Every CEO needs a General Counsel to help build and protect the business.  We join your team and stay in the game, because businesses have issues everyday.

Entertainment Law

We protect content creators and those involved in the ever-evolving recording, distribution and promotional aspects of the music business.

Dispute Resolution

Decades of experience has lead us to our specialized dispute resolution strategies that (in many instances) achieve success faster and more economically than traditional approaches.



“I have been fortunate to know Ricky for the past 17 years. I have never met someone with so much passion, charisma, and talent for motivating and uplifting others in their chosen field. Ricky an extremely knowledgeable and skilled business attorney, entrepreneurial advisor and coach. I have relied on his negotiating skills and busy savvy and would highly recommend.”

Sarah PatrickSarah Patrick Fine Homes

I have been fortunate enough to have known Ricky Berger for well over 30 years. Ricky is sharp and impressive for starters! He has the ability to be one step ahead when helping his clients with a level confidence unlike anyone I have ever known. Not to mention, his integrity and compassion really shows through when working with Ricky. My clients love Ricky Berger and know that he is 100% behind them! I would recommend Ricky Berger over and over to anyone in need of his assistance!

Catherine LongCitizen’s Bank

“An artist, a serial entrepreneur, a practicing lawyer, and an educator; Ricky is the complete package. He is a good listener, with a diligent work ethic and a compassionate, trustworthy human being. I would recommend him whole-heartedly for everything from having a coffee with to jamming (music) together to consulting for your startup to validating your business idea against a market research.”

I. Cem OnurWildcard, LLC

“Ricky is a kind man and understanding to the needs of the artist fitting into the business world.”

Mike LoceMike Loce Music

“Ricky’s extensive knowledge and experience related to the music industry and entertainment law has been an invaluable resource for me, both as a student of his and later having been a client of his. Definitely someone you want to have in your corner!”

Rueben WaltonRueben Walton Music

“Ricky’s attention to detail makes him a added value in my book. His ability to translate Business Law into laymen terms is refreshing. I would overwhelmingly recommend Ricky to my Business and personal clients.”

Deborah J. SmithBest Choice Real Estate Services

“Rick Berger is an excellent attorney. He is very detailed and responsive and able to assist with your legal needs. I would highly recommend him. ”

Donna M. QuinnLaw Offices of Donna M. Quinn, PC

How I operate for you

I have made my law firm a place where I develop relationships and give my efforts and trusted guidance to a discrete number of clients that I work closely with to help them achieve their goals.

I represent businesses on a flat monthly fee (plus when appropriate with an equity position) that allows me to work as part of the management team for years (sometimes decades) to plan and grow the business to higher and higher levels of success.

In the area of Entertainment Law, my representation format is dependent on the client, and many times I act as a mentor to artists helping to guide their career path (including with A&R and Artist Development Services).

If I am working on a Dispute Resolution issue with you, expect there to be a high level of interaction between us as I do the work to put together the very best demand letter that I can to help forward your cause — whatever that cause may be.

I am intense to work with, but at the same people tend to enjoy working with me.  My goal is always the achievement of your goals, and that is how I operate.

Get in touch by mail or phone

The hardest part of getting the help you need is reaching out.  Please feel free to call or text me at 508-341-8505 or email me at to introduce yourself and to let me know what you need.  If you text please include your name and an email address so that I can circle back with an introductory email as well.  I’ll help if I can; I promise.

Initial consultation

My initial consultations are provided in two ways.  Initial consultations for startup or emerging businesses to consider having me join on is free of charge.  All other initial consultations are considered office visits and are conducted in person or remotely through a teleconference or video conference.  In advance of any office visit I will review any documents that you provide me in advance and will be ready to discuss those documents with you and give you the best advice I can.  These office visits cost $300.00, paid in advance, and they typically last between 40 minutes and 1.5 hours.

Ongoing Relationship

I have been trusted counsel to business owners, individuals, and artists for over three decades.  If we have a relationship you can expect it to include my being there for you whatever your needs.  If you have legal needs beyond my areas of practice I will work tirelessly to find the right person to represent you.  Unlike many attorneys, I have spent years honing an ability to provide my expertise while still allowing my client to be my customer and in many instances my actual boss.  If you have been treated in any other way by an attorney you will truly appreciate the difference that I provide.